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‘Journey Redeemed’ is my story. A story of a messed-up life redeemed by a Loving and Powerful God who never gave up on me. A story that gives tribute to every person who has ever walked a step with me. You gave me hope to never give up. You taught me about unconditional love and gave me the strength to have faith again. You showed me Jesus in action, and now I can offer the same to the people around me.
25 02, 2019

February 2019 Newsletter


February turned out to truly be the month of Love. Watching God's Love in action touching and changing lives. Thank you for your prayers during Valentine's Day Week. Here is a bit of feedback from that week: 24 Hours of Prayer We started the week off with 24 hours of prayer. I [...]

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4 02, 2019

January 2019 Newsletter


January has been a good but challenging month. My days are mostly spent at the building Tamar Center has on Soi 6 with outreaches in the evening. Let me show you what my world looks like... Soi 6 This is Soi 6. It is one of the famous streets apart from Walking Street in [...]

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5 01, 2019

Pattaya, My New Home


Long Term Visa Solution Thank you for your prayers in this regard. I’ve found a way to get 1-year visas at a time instead of 3 months. With the 3-month visas came the extra problem that I had to go back to South Africa for my next visa run to get another 3-month visa. [...]

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25 11, 2018

Faith, Friends and First Visa Run


"How then shall they call on Him in whom they have not believed? And how shall they believe in Him of whom they have not heard? And how shall they hear without a preacher? Romans 10:14-15 This scripture has been the bedrock of my faith the last couple of months. I've made so many [...]

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17 11, 2018

This Is Ministry!


About two days into moving to the village the following words dropped into my spirit… “You have to win their hearts before you will win their ears” When you can barely speak the language there is only one way to win people’s hearts and that is through actions. Ministry is… Sitting with [...]

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17 09, 2018

Language Learning Is Ministry!


Our first book report was on how Language Learning should be our primary ministry by Tom Brewster. And it was like a light just went on for me. I’m grateful for this opportunity of learning Thai. Let me elaborate a bit. When you enter a new culture with the attitude of wanting to learn [...]

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28 08, 2018

Stepping out in faith – Thailand here I come!


Earlier this year I got to a place in my life where I started asking the hard questions, “Where am I going? And, “What am I doing?” I just realised  that I’m not living in my God created purpose. I was made to love the lost, to go and build God’s Kingdom in the most [...]

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7 05, 2018

Emergency rooms & Beating hearts


I’ve been mulling over the following blog post for a couple of months now. It’s been simmering in the back of my head, and I guess it’s because it’s one of those hard questions that we all avoid. But here it goes… I was sitting in the emergency room at the Dr’s office (just [...]

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25 02, 2018

Fear and Breakthrough


Is your fear standing in the way of someone else’s breakthrough? In Acts 9, Saul has an encountering with God on the Damascus road. And we have heard many sermons about the Damascus road. But, what struck me most now, happens in part B of this story. God appears to a Disciple by the [...]

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15 03, 2017

‘May the road rise to meet you’


“May the road rise to meet you”. These words from an Irish Blessing has been lingering in my thoughts these last couple of weeks. And the picture I get is almost like those computer games where you need to move forward in a certain direction for the next section to become visible. Almost like [...]

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