Is your fear standing in the way of someone else’s breakthrough?

In Acts 9, Saul has an encountering with God on the Damascus road. And we have heard many sermons about the Damascus road. But, what struck me most now, happens in part B of this story.

God appears to a Disciple by the name Ananias and tells him to go and lay hands on Saul. In verse 13 he replies:

‘Lord, I have heard from many about this man, how much harm he has done to Your saints in Jerusalem. And he has authority from the chief priests to bind all who call on Your name’.

Can you imagine how different the story of the church would have turned out if Ananias just refused to listen to God because of fear? Or even the life of Saul? Would he ever have become Paul?

I must admit that if I put myself in the shoes of Ananias my response would most probably have been the same. Being asked to go and pray for and lay my hands on the biggest persecutor of Christians and the church…

And then I must do a little introspection and when I look at my life I realize that I also respond in fear when prompted to speak to someone or pray for someone. How many times have I not laughed at the idea that someone is ‘too’ lost or ‘too’ far off the way? Or at the thought that someone is ‘too’ ill to be healed. Or how about … someone else will talk to him or they still have a lot of time to be saved. There are so many excuses and so many dying without Him every day.

Here’s the thing. God did not need Ananias. He already showed Himself to Saul in a personal encounter. He could have given Saul all the instructions on how to ‘save himself’ and turn his own life around. But God decided to use a man. And He still does today. One of my favorite quotes “Without Him, we cannot; without us, He will not”.

Something to think about… is your fear of what someone will say or what they will think of you standing in the way of their breakthrough? Of their life being saved?

Is the fear of losing your life standing in the way of a church being birthed?

“Besides Jesus, no single figure was more influential in the beginnings of Christianity than the apostle Paul. Of the 27 books of the New Testament, 13 are attributed to Paul” – (