February turned out to truly be the month of Love. Watching God’s Love in action touching and changing lives.

Thank you for your prayers during Valentine’s Day Week.

Here is a bit of feedback from that week:

24 Hours of Prayer

We started the week off with 24 hours of prayer. I originally only signed up to do the graveyard shifts through the night, but as I sat down at the beginning to open the prayer time I got this picture of a farmer plowing the land and getting it ready, and I strongly felt the urgency that you don’t put your hand to the plow and then stop working until the field is ready. So, I pressed in for the full 24 hours. It was such a privilege to pray and worship in the middle of Soi 6.

The last two hours I could really experience a breakthrough.

Real Men Buy Flowers NOT Girls Outreach

On Thursday night a couple of ministries in Pattaya came together to give out roses and the Father’s Love Letter to bar girls.

So many girls told us they don’t feel worthy or beautiful. While inviting one girl to the Party for Saturday she told me about all the abuse she has gone through and wanted to know if she can still come to the party. I wanted to just hold her and assure her that that’s exactly why she can come

Valentine’s Party

On Saturday we had a Party for the girls. 61 ‘Bar Girls’ came, 4 girls decided to leave the bars and joined the Hair Dressing program that Shear Love offers. 2 Girls joined Tamar Center and left their jobs. Many girls were ministered to on a deep level, and we continue to visit them in the bars. We also have a lot of new women coming to English classes.

I know how hard it is to walk out of the life they are stuck in, even when you know the truth. Therefore I don’t judge them and I can just keep on loving them.


The minister of Education has approved my application for an Education Visa. The last step to this process is to go to Laos on 5 March to switch my visa.


I wonder if I will ever get used to living here. Maybe it’s good that it still unsettles me walking through the streets, to me it is a sign that I’m still sensitive to how wrong everything that goes on in this city is.

Most days it does feel like I’m living in Lucifer’s backyard. BUT God! He has not given up on this city. He is still the God of this city!  (If you didn’t know this, the song God of this City was written in Pattaya in a bar)

I was watching Nefarious again the other day, and out of nowhere, this bomb dropped in my heart.
The words: “On no level is it ok for one human to pay to use another human’s body”.

I knew it is wrong, but since that moment a new fire to fight for justice and righteousness has risen inside of me. For me, there is no line between a woman who was trafficked and a woman in prostitution. Yes, we look at the woman in prostitution like she has a choice to be there, but when you hear her story and circumstances you realize that she actually has no choice either.


  • Pray for the girls who were introduced to Jesus, that shame and fear will not hold them back.
  • Pray for the workers. For our protection, especially that we will not fall prey to the enemy’s lies.
  • Pray for my visa run, that there will be no ‘hick-ups’ and that I will get my full 1-year visa. Also for everything needed for this visa run.
  • Pray for provision.
  • Pray for sleep. I’m averaging 3 hours a night and could do with a little more.

I would love to hear from you and how you are doing. Thank you for your prayers and support.


Here are my banking details if you would like to support my ministry financially:
Vicky Pingo
Capitec Bank
Account number: 1594478285
Branch number: 470010

Please feel free to contact me if you would like to know more about my monthly needs.