January has been a good but challenging month. My days are mostly spent at the building Tamar Center has on Soi 6 with outreaches in the evening.

Let me show you what my world looks like…

Soi 6

This is Soi 6. It is one of the famous streets apart from Walking Street in Pattaya. But, unfortunately, this is what every other street in this city looks like. Day or night, I’ve not gone down a road where there was no bar or some form of institution selling sex.

Right in the middle of this street is where I spend my days…


The bottom floor has a salon where some of the girls work that have decided to change their lives around and have come through the training Tamar provides.
These ladies now minister to the others who are still working in the bars while doing their hair.

House of Peace

At the back is the House of Peace. It is a room where girls can come for prayer and someone to talk to. This is a safe haven where they can just rest.

English Class

On a Monday, Tuesday and Thursday we give two free one hour English classes to the girls. Most of them come to learn English to be able to communicate better to their customers.
But, it is here where we can build relationships with them.

Today in the morning class, only one girl came. She got a book from us a couple of weeks ago. It was like God knew she needed to be alone in class. She said that while reading this book she experienced so much love. Buddha only wants money, but this God in the book He just wants a relationship, and she wants to leave Buddha and follow Jesus. It was BEAUTIFUL!!! The heaven rejoiced as one daughter came home!


On a Friday this room turns into a ‘church’. We invite the girls from outreach and English to come. We play games, share the Word, testimonies and a meal.

The one Friday the story of the Prodigal Son was shared. I watched girls break down and cry simply by hearing the story read.
The most beautiful thing that I’ve noticed is how Jesus touches and changes lives. I’m officially changing my title from missionary to ‘space creator’. I’m simply here to create the space where Jesus can do what He does so much better than I can ever try. Leading someone to Jesus has taken on the form of me taking them to Him and then getting out of the way.

The woman in the white shirt in the picture above gave her life to Jesus a couple of weeks ago. This week she told us that she doesn’t feel good about doing prostitution anymore and she has left the bar and is now looking for a job.

The House of Prayer

On the 4th Floor is the House of Prayer. What a privilege to be able to pray in the middle of darkness. Worship and Prayer is constantly going out from this building. Please continually cover us in your prayers. As you can only imagine the Spiritual warfare that goes around.

Outreach – (AKA My favourite time of the day :-))

During the week in the evenings, we go and visit the girls in the bars. As long as we buy drinks (Coke) from them, they do not get in trouble for sitting with us. We use this time to connect with the girls, to show them love without an agenda.

These are intentional visits. It is impossible to actually plan a day because girls drop in at the Center throughout the day. I finally have a job that matches my sleep schedule. It is ok to now sleep from 2am to 9am.

Anti Human Trafficking Training

I also got to sit in a day of Anti Human Trafficking training by Lift. It was a real eye-opener where I got to learn about how to use our outreaches to gather information. Pattaya is a big hot spot for under age girls being trafficked as well as girls from Africa and surrounding Asian countries. We meet these girls in the bars, and you know something is not right. Now I know what to do.

End of February there is a big Asia Region Anti-Trafficking Conference that I’ve been invited to go to in Bangkok. I’m still praying about this. (www.aratconference.com)


It’s been good to combine my heart for the lost and unreached with my passion to reach these girls. In my mind, they are an unreached people group on their own.

This city is one of the hardest places I’ve lived in. At the end of each day, I am absolutely exhausted. But in that exhaustion, I can say my life is spent on seeing the Kingdom being established amongst the absolutely broken of broken.

Please pray with me:

  • That I wouldn’t become desensitized by what I see and hear every day
  • Daily Wisdom
  • Language learning so that I can understand their hearts
  • Protection – Physical & Spiritual
  • Educational Visa: Application is going in next week.
  • For provision:
  • Living expenses (rent, food, travel etc)
  • Finances for the new Visa

Thank you for your prayers and support. I know I say this every time, but it is the truth. Without you I can not be here, doing what I do.

Please let me know if I can pray for anything for you or your family.


Here are my banking details if you would like to support my ministry financially:
Vicky Pingo
Capitec Bank
Account number: 1594478285
Branch number: 470010

Please feel free to contact me if you would like to know more about my monthly needs.