Our first book report was on how Language Learning should be our primary ministry by Tom Brewster. And it was like a light just went on for me. I’m grateful for this opportunity of learning Thai. Let me elaborate a bit.

When you enter a new culture with the attitude of wanting to learn from the people you will automatically gain respect and you will have an open door to build relationships. Especially in the Thai culture where relationship always comes first. Tom speaks about a Learner-Storyteller-Servant model. We are always learners. Jesus was a storyteller and servant, and it should always be our goal to imitate Him and become more like Him. When we tell Bible stories like Jesus did, instead of telling people how they are living incorrectly, we can use the Word of God to speak directly to people and with the help of the Holy Spirit they can discover the truth. Our actions speak louder than words. By being disciples and making disciples through this attitude we provide a ministry that can easily be reproduced.

A very interesting thing that He speaks about is that we are not taking God to the people. God is already there, and He has placed aspects of Himself within each culture. We are just there as instruments to reveal God. And that happens through building relationships, being dependent on the people. Infiltrating their culture to lead from the middle. It is not our job to plant ‘Western Churches’, but to make Disciples who can make Disciples… who can make Disciples. That is the only way that we can get a multiplying movement that will make a dent in the unreached people group figures.

Basically, we need to be starting a fire inside each group that can spread by itself and then move on to the next group. This does take time. Learning a language by sitting with the people takes time. But this is our job. We were called to make Disciples. No matter the cost. We can not be content with approximately 100 000 people dying daily without every having the opportunity of hearing the story of Jesus.

The lady who is teaching us Thai is a Thai Buddhist. She doesn’t know why we are here. But, we are praying for her and hopefully through our lives she will be able to see Jesus.

In 5 weeks are moving to a village where we will be immersed in the Thai culture and language. I cannot wait!