“May the road rise to meet you”. These words from an Irish Blessing has been lingering in my thoughts these last couple of weeks. And the picture I get is almost like those computer games where you need to move forward in a certain direction for the next section to become visible. Almost like stepping out in faith. Sometimes God shows us the bigger picture for a second, then He switches off the lights and you have to respond to His promptings and still voice.

I paged through my journal the other day and I was reading what I wrote end of last year when I went on a journey to figure out the next part. I was brave enough to ‘Hope’ for a moment and ‘Bold‘ enough to say exactly how I wished it would be. A part of me laughed like Sarah when the Angel told her she would conceive at her age. I mean… come ‘on? Who am I to tell God what I would like to happen next.

And then it kind of exactly happened how I envisioned (without me knowing). I packed up and moved to a small town on the coast. Started volunteering at a Pregnancy Crisis Centre and got a job as a waitress on weekends that actually pays enough for me to do what my heart desires. The crazy thing is that there was someone who casually said back then, that maybe I should waitress in the next season (REALLY? – I hated waitressing, but not anymore)

For the average person, this will seem ‘normal’. But it’s not. The road literally rose to meet me every time I stepped out. I have been left speechless at the ‘coincidences’ and God ordained moments. The only thing that was a definite when I drove down was that I had a place to stay and I could volunteer at the



God has been more than gracious and kind to me every step of the way. He has placed God-fearing women as a support on this journey, through whom I have learned the true meaning of love. A love that embraces the broken and vulnerable places and says it’s ‘ok’. This morning I was reminded of the relationship between Mary and Elizabeth. God didn’t leave Mary alone after the revelation. He gave her Elizabeth, who was a little further on in the journey already. And they must have been a great encouragement to each other (Luke 1:39-56). We all need an Elizabeth (or 3) in our lives and I am extremely grateful for mine.

And so, the road has risen to meet my every ‘Hope’ and it’s only the beginning. I have learned the power of prayer in this season and have breathed in the fresh air of Hope (Expectation, something yearned for and anticipated eagerly. Something for which one waits).

May the road rise to meet you and your lungs


filled with hope!