Long Term Visa Solution

Thank you for your prayers in this regard. I’ve found a way to get 1-year visas at a time instead of 3 months. With the 3-month visas came the extra problem that I had to go back to South Africa for my next visa run to get another 3-month visa.

I’ll be switching over to an Educational Visa, where I will be taking Thai lessons at a registered Language School. It is 2 lessons of 2 hours each week. I can stay up to 5 years on this kind of visa.

The Move

In order to be on an ED visa, I need to live in a big city where there are Language Schools. You can imagine that this is not an option in the Village.

When I decided to come to Thailand it was because I wanted to be in full-time ministry in Pattaya amongst the ‘Bar girls’. I chose to do the School of Frontier Missions to lay a foundation that a long-term ministry can be built on. Unfortunately, I had to move on from the School and Village sooner than planned in order to change over to the new visa.

I am now staying in a condo in Pattaya and am in the process of completing all the paperwork necessary.

Ministry – Tamar Center

I’ve joined the team at Tamar Center. They are also affiliated with YWAM and have been active here in the city for 20 years. They have many programs and are doing life-changing work. Here is an excerpt from their website:

“Tamar Center operates two centers in Pattaya. In Soi 6 we have our Outreach Center which includes a Hair Salon, the House of Peace – a place for women working in the bars to come and rest, we offer free English Classes and have a House of Prayer on the top floor. On 3rd Road in Pattaya, we have our Main Office which includes our Restaurant and Bakery, Card and Handicraft Room, Counseling Center and Offices. In addition to these Centers we have rented ten houses in a small and quiet street where we have a nursery for the children of the women and accommodation for all the women in our programs. Tamar team members also do regular outreaches to Issan (the north east region of Thailand), the region where most of our women come from.” www.tamarcenter.org

This is a brief nutshell of what they do. There is so much more, but you will be hearing all about that directly from me every month.


Most cities in the world have a red-light district or street, but the whole city of Pattaya is a red light city. It is heartbreaking walking through the streets. About 16 million people visit the approximately 25 000 Bar girls of Pattaya every year. No wonder Pattaya is called the unofficial Sex Tourism Capital of the World.

Here is a little video I made with more information on the city. Please take a minute to watch it. (no sound needed).

Before I came to Thailand I wrote the following as my manifesto:

“My heart is to have enough FAITH to go and give unconditional LOVE to the 1 woman, 1 man or 1 child before me, trapped and exploited, to show them that there is HOPE to see a different ending to their stories.”

With my feet planted in this city, I now call home, this is still the cry of my heart. The only thing I will change to that sentence is: that I will have enough faith to stay!

Timo Marketing Launch

I’ve launched an initiative called Timo Marketing offering web design and online marketing services. By working 2 to 3 hours a day I will be able to generate a bit of an income while still being in full-time ministry. Living in Pattaya comes with a lot of extra expenses and God has blessed me with the ability and skills in this field.

Timo comes from the Greek word Philotimo. This is roughly translated to Love to Honor. Paul uses this term 3 times to convey a desire to do a good thing and his choice of word gives this honourable pursuit extra emphasis. This ties into me and what I stand for and what this business will help me achieve.

Here is a link to my website: www.timomarketing.co.za

If you know or hear of someone that needs online marketing services, refreshing their website or building a new one, please pass my details on to them. If I can help you in any of the above, get in contact. I have unlimited internet here in Thailand, which means that I am a WhatsApp call away 😉

These WhatsApp calls aren’t just limited to business conversations. Feel free to phone me any time. Just add 5 hours to your South African time to make sure I am still awake!

That’s all… for now!

Thank you for your continued prayers and support. Please keep on praying, especially for protection (Spiritual and Physical) and wisdom here in Pattaya.

Much love,

Here are my banking details if you would like to support my ministry financially:
Vicky Pingo
Capitec Bank
Account number: 1594478285
Branch number: 470010

Please feel free to contact me if you would like to know more about my monthly needs.