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Why pray for Thailand?

God is moving among the nations. Worldwide, we can see thousands of Muslims, Chinese and Hindus turning to Jesus. Indeed, more Muslims are turning to Jesus than ever before in history. Some of the biggest church planting movements occur in Muslim countries with harsh persecution. In contrast, the majority of the Buddhist world is still waiting for a breakthrough and big movements towards Christ. Why is that?

Buddhism is one of the last remaining giants of world religions that is still waiting for a breakthrough. We believe when the people of God start to pray, the breakthrough will come. Thailand is 95% Buddhist. Even though thousands of missionaries have worked hard for almost 200 years to reach the Thai people, Thailand is still largely unreached.

30 Days Praying for Thai Buddhists


Day 4: Brainwashing

Sadly, many Thai Buddhists stay away from Christians because they believe the lie that Christians have the power to brainwash with their words. Please pray that this rumour loses its power and that it won’t keep Thai people from following Jesus and meeting with believers


Day 11: Habakkuk 1

“Look among the nations and see; wonder and be astounded. For I am doing a work in your days that you would not believe if told” (Habakkuk 1:5). We desire to see God move in Thailand in incredible ways, in ways that are too high for our thinking. Pray that God will work in astounding ways in Thailand, so incredible that people won’t believe them even if told.


Day 13: Prostitution

Prostitution in Thailand is not a modern phenomenon. In fact, it not only used to be legal for over 200 years, but it was encouraged, accepted as a natural ‘rite of passage’ and culturally ingrained into the Thai national identity. Pray that women will be valued, loved and supported.


Day 18: Early Exposure

From early childhood on, Thai children are taught the importance of being a good Buddhist by following Buddhist tradition. Because they are continually indoctrinated by Buddhist teaching and practice, it’s no surprise that they intertwine their national identity with their religious identity.


Day 19: Elderly

The older generations, though firm in traditions is not too late to discover the truth of Jesus and commit their lives to the Kingdom! Pray for the workers that they will see that there is hope for the older generation and that it could open a door to the whole community or village.

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