28 08, 2018

Stepping out in faith – Thailand here I come!


Earlier this year I got to a place in my life where I started asking the hard questions, “Where am I going? And, “What am I doing?” I just realised  that I’m not living in my God created purpose. I was made to love the lost, to go and build God’s Kingdom in the most [...]

Stepping out in faith – Thailand here I come!2019-01-05T06:22:21+00:00
15 03, 2017

‘May the road rise to meet you’


“May the road rise to meet you”. These words from an Irish Blessing has been lingering in my thoughts these last couple of weeks. And the picture I get is almost like those computer games where you need to move forward in a certain direction for the next section to become visible. Almost like [...]

‘May the road rise to meet you’2018-08-21T10:03:50+00:00
16 11, 2016

On a Journey


According to Google a journey is “a long and often difficult process of personal change and development” or simply to “travel somewhere”. I am on a journey; most people will tell you I have always been on a journey because I am always traveling somewhere. And per society, I was supposed to stop traveling years [...]

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30 04, 2012

Making decisions


As I was riding my bike today, I was going around in a circle and got distracted by something on the side. I learned a valuable lesson in that moment. As I shifted my focus I almost went flying out of the circle. See, on a bike wherever you focus, that is the direction you [...]

Making decisions2018-08-21T10:50:49+00:00
13 04, 2012

Letting go


I’ve realized that we are all on this incredible journey. Some days (most of them) we are just human and we make mistakes. Some of those mistakes will be life-changing and some of them will be soon forgotten. I found this song, that quite adequately puts into words one of those places we find ourselves [...]

Letting go2018-08-30T14:46:49+00:00