25 11, 2018

Faith, Friends and First Visa Run


"How then shall they call on Him in whom they have not believed? And how shall they believe in Him of whom they have not heard? And how shall they hear without a preacher? Romans 10:14-15 This scripture has been the bedrock of my faith the last couple of months. I've made so many [...]

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17 11, 2018

This Is Ministry!


About two days into moving to the village the following words dropped into my spirit… “You have to win their hearts before you will win their ears” When you can barely speak the language there is only one way to win people’s hearts and that is through actions. Ministry is… Sitting with [...]

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16 11, 2016

On a Journey


According to Google a journey is “a long and often difficult process of personal change and development” or simply to “travel somewhere”. I am on a journey; most people will tell you I have always been on a journey because I am always traveling somewhere. And per society, I was supposed to stop traveling years [...]

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20 07, 2016

He knows my name


When I decided to pack up my life and move in a week, 1500km’s away from what I called “Home” most of my life, I forgot to take everything that I am giving up into consideration. All I had was a word from God saying that I should take a chance and this yearning in [...]

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18 07, 2016

Holding on VS Letting go


As I sit here blankly staring out of the shop’s window, it feels and looks a bit like a scene out of the Matrix movie… just in reverse. Everything seems to be moving faster than what my five senses can keep up with. The revolving door is revolving a bit faster and people shouldn’t be [...]

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25 03, 2014

Choose Life


I had this moment yesterday where I clearly heard God ask me ‘what do you want’? And I was reminded of the story of blind Bartimaeus, and where Jesus asked him ‘what do you want Me to do for you?” It was obvious what Bartimaeus needed but the choice was still his. Death, darkness, depression [...]

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30 04, 2012

Making decisions


As I was riding my bike today, I was going around in a circle and got distracted by something on the side. I learned a valuable lesson in that moment. As I shifted my focus I almost went flying out of the circle. See, on a bike wherever you focus, that is the direction you [...]

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