According to Google a journey is “a long and often difficult process of personal change and development” or simply to “travel somewhere”.

I am on a journey; most people will tell you I have always been on a journey because I am always traveling somewhere. And per society, I was supposed to stop traveling years ago and settle down. People my age have steady jobs, a husband, children, homes (they have already paid off) and already more than halfway to being ready to retire.

There’s this saying… “It’s about the journey not about the destination”. My destination is secure because I have eternity waiting for me in Heaven. So what then, if my journey looks a bit different than the average persons’? Or even yours?

I had this moment now, where I felt more “Home” than anywhere. I stood knee deep in the ocean with the sound of the roaring ocean drowning out every fear and as the waves crashed around me my heart was quiet. This journey has taken me many places but there is nowhere more beautiful than right here. My heart is free and can breathe deeply. Home is right here where I can simply be with my God.

I believe He created me a bit differently. He gave me a heart that will always search and run after more of Him. One that won’t settle down and be satisfied with the ‘status quo’. He gave me eyes that need to be surrounded by beauty. He made my feet to walk barefoot and dance in the waves. I am an adventurer who wants to see what is around every bend and over every mountain.

So, yes… I am a traveler on a journey… who knows where it will take me next?