“I searched for a man who could build the wall and stand in the gap before Me and be an advocate for the land…” Ezekiel 22:30

Sometimes I wonder if the church reminds God of Israel. All guns blazing from the beginning but now we have seemed to settle in. An apathy has settled. As some would say, “the Church is supposed to change the world but in the process, the world has changed the church”. She is comfortable with compromise. Sin creates a gap between God and man and God is looking for people who will wake this world up to their sin. They cannot do it if they see nothing wrong.

Abraham stood in the gap for his nephew Lot, that God would not destroy him. God is looking for people today that will stand in the gap for the unborn baby and their mothers. He is looking for people that will stand and uphold His Kingdom and what is right in this world.

“the greatest threat to the next generation is the murder of persons not yet born.”

Abortion is a very ‘hush’ subject that people generally avoid. But, I’ve come to see that it is an epidemic that is spreading like wildfire. The more I see, the heavier the urgency presses on my heart. There is no more value to life. The unborn baby is referred to as a ‘blob’ or a piece of tissue. In Exodus 21:22 the unborn is not referred to as a ‘fetus’ but as a child! God says that He knit us together in our mother’s womb (Ps 139v13). He tells Jeremiah that He formed him in the womb, that He knew him before he was born (Jer 1v5). Every life is a gift and a miracle. Children are a heritage from the LORD (Ps 127:3). Only God can give life, and it should only be God Who can take life.

The nurse’s and Dr’s are quick to offer a ‘convenient solution’ that will make a woman’s problems go away like it never happened, while the church turns a blind eye.

If we make as if it’s not happening, then it’s not?

  • Between 7000 – 7500* abortions are performed (babies are killed) every month in clinics and hospitals around South Africa. (*reported abortions in 2014)
  • Half of the pregnancies in South Africa end in abortion.

What about the mom? She does not realize the impact of her decision. The counseling she receives before the procedure is all steered towards going ahead with the abortion. But, she is not informed of the pain, the risks, and then the emotional damage it will cause.

Let’s turn the tables:

  • Between 7000 – 7500 women’s lives are irreversibly changed and destroyed every month

Most of them live in fear and truly believe it is their only option. They are alone with nobody to talk to. They believe that they will be tossed away and rejected if the truth comes out. And when they reach out to a medical professional they are told they are making the best and right decision.

They live with shame and guilt. Some of them never have the freedom to talk to anyone, so it eats away at them. They have nightmares where they hear their babies cry. About 30% of these stories end in suicide.

We are not called to judge. We are called to love, to break the shame and silence and stand up.

Maybe if we as Christians weren’t living in silence and denial the Church can become the place they run to for help. We cannot just stand on the sidelines anymore and leave it up to chance or hope for the best! Let’s speak the truth, reach out to our children and schools. Make sure they know there are other options and places they can go to when they are in a crisis. It makes me sick to think and know how many lives are lost and destroyed while churches and organizations fight over territory out of pride and a need for recognition.

So, my question today is… are you still standing in the gap? Or, are you stuck in apathy, denial, and compromise. God is still searching for people that will stand up and actively stand in the gap. Can we please come together as one and fight for life!

“Human life – however small, however fragile, however broken – must be valued. It must be loved and embraced and declared good. Life matters. How we deal with life matters. How we value life matters. How we protect the weakest and most fragile among us matters.”

Please consider connecting and supporting a Pregnancy Crisis Centre. There are centre’s right across South Africa and the world. They are equipped to help in every situation. They do so much to help these women and children and are in desperate need of support.
Contact me if you would like the details of a centre close to you